Windows 8 Will Bring Personal Cloud to Billions, Says Microsoft

The next version of Microsoft’s still dominant PC operating system, Windows 8, “represents an incredible opportunity to bring the benefits of the personal cloud to billions of PC users.” That’s according to a blog post written by the Group Program Managers for SkyDrive, Microsoft’sconsumer cloud product.

When it was launched back in August 2007, SkyDrive was described as “a personal ‘harddrive’ on the internet”. It’s now a major player in the consumer cloud market, competing with other big guns like Apple’s iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive. Also SkyDrive competes with innovative startups like Dropbox and SugarSync. The Microsoft blog post presents some statistics about the consumer cloud market, along with big claims for its future.


Huffington Post: How Microsoft Plans To Take Down The iPhone

As Apple skews its iPhone 4S commercials toward proud parents and suburban breadwinners, Microsoft on Monday unveiled in New York City’s Herald Square a much different advertising strategy, unofficially dubbed “The Big-Ass Windows Phone.” The phone is exactly what it sounds like: It is simply a big (ass) brash Windows Phone, a 55-foot tall Oldenburgesque representation of the Microsoft’s Mango operating system, plopped down in the middle of Manhattan and designed to draw attention to the lagging 18-month-old mobile OS. Each tile on the phone opened up throughout the day with a demonstration of the Windows Phone capabilities. The towering…

Huffington Post: WATCH: Biographer Talks Steve Jobs’ Rivalry With Bill Gates

WATCH: Biographer Talks Steve Jobs’ Rivalry With Bill Gates
Simon & Schuster, the publisher who recently released “Steve Jobs” Walter Isaacson’s biography of the Apple co-founder, sat down with the author to discuss the 30-year “love hate rivalry friendship” between tech titans Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In the interview, Isaacson calls Gates and Jobs “the two binary stars of the digital age.” Both men were college dropouts who went on to found two of the most important companies in the world. But their personalities were wildly different. Gates and Jobs often butted heads about how they thought tech companies should be run. Isaacson quotes Jobs as saying, “[Bill…

How long will this last without them?

How long will this last without them?

Bolstering its plan to bring the Windows operating system and Windows Azure cloud service closer together, Microsoft has released a toolkit that helps developers use Azure to build applications optimized for the forthcoming Windows 8.


Apple’s vision for the future of computing versus Microsoft’s vision for the future of computing.

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